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Moduco's mobile, economical and flexible multi-purpose space is both suitable and adaptable to a variety of needs and purposes.


To develop optimal solutions adapted to your project through a mutually beneficial partnership


To provide a personalized, professional, and reliable service meeting all your needs


To design your special project from engineering to installation on site

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Our projects

from a piece of land to your own moduco

Testing Laboratory

Angola - Malongo

What an original Moduco project! These offices where built in Malongo to set up a testing lab on a logistical base. 

The installation has been completed ...

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Moho Nord Office

Congo - Pointe Noire

This 300m² double office block has been completed in June 2014, with an important range of accessories (ceramic tiles, air conditioning, roof, walkway...).

This Congolese project ...

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New Yard Office

Tanzania - Mtwara

This 300 m² double storey office block has been completed in June 2013, with a wide range of interior accessories (ceramic tiles, air conditioning, furniture) ...

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Prefab office and Showroom

Mozambique - Pemba

In 2021, Moduco built a prefab office and a showroom juxtaposed next to our warehouse with timber cladding in Pemba, Mozambique. 

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